History of the VJBO Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg

Once upon a time there were 87 young musicians from 22 different concert bands who followed the call of the federation-Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg and met at 04.12.1988 for a first rehearsal to further the idea of a youth concert band beyond the limits of local bands and to become a concert band that could enter into international com-petitions.
With diligence and enthusiasm, goaded and guided by our conductor Frieder Stoll, it was only 7 months later that we could risk our first concert at 24.06.1989 together with the youth concert band of Njardik/Iceland.
That first rehearsal was followed by many others and of course we had other concerts as well, most of them combined with a lot of fun (especially the hours after the concert) and excitement ones (e.g. the competitions).
That was some years ago, so now we would like to give a short summary of our musical (and other) activities.

As mentioned before our first concert was together with an Icelandic youth concert band whose members had joined us the evening before for a barbecue.

Participation in a radio program of Radio Southwest (Germany), recorded at an industrial exhibition at Freiburg.

"Competition for youth concert bands by the music council of Baden-Württemberg" at Waiblingen/Germany. This event was our first competition and we left the city of Waiblingen feeling very happy about a good grade: A "First prize with excellent achievement".

At the First European Competition for concert bands" at Luxemburg we won a "First European Prize" and had the important experience of taking part in a big international competition.

Concert in the Black Forest together with the youth concert band of the city of Löffingen.
Participation in a ceremony on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the concert band of Hugstetten who had helped us organizing our first concert in June 1989.

Participation in a concert at Basel/Switzerland.

The first concert we did on our own account at Ascension Day - meanwhile these concerts are almost tradition - if one is allowed to use this expression after such a short time. This "Ascension Day concert" at Eichstetten made it very clear that chamber music is an important part of our conductor's musical aims. And we cannot deny that we are all learning a lot about playing music by doing ensemble work.

During a tour to East Germany we visited Dresden (enjoying a performance of the opera "Lulu" at the famous Semper-Opera), Leipzig and Meißen. Of course, we did some concerts there as well, including one performance of our brass ensemble playing renaissance music at the Albrecht Castle at Meißen.

The first competition of a strenuous year 1992 left us with a "First prize with distinction" (We reached 35 of 36 possible points).

"International Competition for Concert Bands" at Strasbourg/France After the nervousness of playing at the competition and a relaxing walk through the city we had to face the disappointing news that none of us - except our conductor Frieder Stoll - was allowed to enter the crowded hall where the prizes were announced. So we stayed outside the ?Palais de la musique? -and started to play music with some other concert bands that had to stay outside as well. A spontaneous "Open-air-concert" followed and we had a nice time until our conductor returned to us with the incredible news that we had won the maximum in our competition category "Highest grade" and therefore we were classified for the next highest category "Division d'Honneur"

Participation in a concert on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Umkirch concert band.

In conclusion of the successful year of 1992 we took part in the "Competition for Youth concert Bands Baden- Württemberg" at Ehingen and won a "First prize with excellent achievement" (and the highest marks of that day).

Participation of our brass ensemble in a ceremonial act at the Office of the District President.

On the occasion of a visit of the youth concert band from Leipzig we had a concert on Saturday evening with them and the concert band Holzhausen. After a reception at the mayor's office at Sunday morning the visit ended with a common lunch.

Participation in a concert to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the concert band Bahlingen.

Together with a French concert band we did a "Euro-concert" to celebrate our orchestra's 5th anniversary.

"Music Festival Europe '93" at Trier and Luxembourg. After a late arrival on Friday evening we had our first rehearsal on Saturday morning. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to discover Trier and/or to listen to some competitors. On Saturday evening we drove to the city of Luxembourg to listen to a concert of the Symphony concert band Europe C93 where we first heard Gerhard Fischer-Münster's "Symphony No.4".
On Sunday we started with a short rehearsal before our competition. After that excitement we really enjoyed a relaxing walk through Trier before we met again in the late afternoon to be told about our rating in the competition. What exultation when we knew that we had won the 3rd prize! That meant that we had left behind us two Russian and one German concert band and that we would participate in the prize-winner's concert together with the concert band of the county of Baden-Württemberg (2nd place) and the Danish winning band. Do I have to mention that our journey back home on Monday was a very cheerful one?

The celebrations of the 240th anniversary of the concert band Endingen and the 125th anniversary of the Bank of Kaiserstuhl brought us the new experience of participation in an open air concert.

Thus our annual concert, once again with our wind-, brass- and percussion-ensembles.

Participation in the closing concert on the occasion of the 875th anniversary of the City of Freiburg.

Our first pure chamber music concert.  

First Verbandsjugendtag of the Blasmusikverband Kaiserstuhl-Tuniberg in Oberrotweil. For the closing concert, the young wind orchestra of Jechtingen under its conductor Patrick Belle and afterwards the VJBO performed.  

Concert tour in Canada: Departure was at 13.55 h in France. After a stopover in Detroit, we arrived in Seattle at 21.03 h. We spent the rest of the day with our host families. Tuesday: After a sightseeing-tour, we gave our first concert in Canada together with the Shareline Concert Band in Sharecrest High School. Wednesday: Second concert in Mercer Island High School and check-in in new Hotel. Thursday: We spent the whole day on a trip in Mt. Rainier National Park. Friday: Another journey, this time to Olympic National Park. Saturday: Departure to Vancouver at 10.30 h. There, we were allocated to our new host families. Sunday: Journey to Victoria on Vancouver Island together with Magee High School Band. Monday: Bus tour through Vancouver. Afterwards, soccer match against Magee High School and barbecue with host families. Tuesday: After an exclusive concert for teachers and pupils of Magee High School, we gave an official concert in that school. Wednesday: Shopping tour in Vancouver and onward journeys to North Vancouver Youth Band, where we got to know our next host families. Thursday: Journey to surrounding area of Vancouver. Friday: Double concert together with North Vancouver Youth Band. After that, we straightly went to the airport and took a flight back to Germany.

Thursday: The North Vancouver Youth Band arrived in March and the members were allocated to their host families. Friday: After a city tour through Freiburg, the Band gave a concert on town hall square. In the evening, we had a barbecue in Achkarren. Saturday: Great concert in Festival hall of Hugstetten and official reception by mayor Josef Hügele. Sunday: North Vancouver Youth Band returned to Canada with stopover in Innsbruck.

Klingendes Dreiländereck (Sounding tri-border region): Introduction on highest level of valuation play in Lörrach-Haagen.

We gave a double concert with European guest performances from Canada. At 8 o’clock pm, we played in Freiburg’s concert hall. Guest conductor during that evening was Dr. Keith Kinder.

Participation at international orientated WASBE in Schladming, which was for all participants a great experience.

Within the Schlossbergfest, we gave an Open Air concert in March-Neuershausen.

Jubilee concert in Achkarren on the occasion of 10 years of VJBO.

31. 03 – 02.04.2000
Practice Weekend on Belchen.

07. – 09.07.2000
Participation at Diffwinds Festival in Luxembourg. 12. 11. 2000 Double concert in March-Hugstetten with Musicclub of Endingen under conductor Martin Baumgärtner.  

07. – 09. 11. 2001
Again a practice weekend, this time at Wiedener Eck. 

24. – 25. 11. 2001 
Competition in Bühl for symphonic youth orchestras. We got the first position in highest level and even beat the favourite orchestra from Karlsruhe.  

16. 03. 2002
Gala concert of youth in Bad Krozingen together with the city youth orchestra of Waldkirch. The concert was presented by the “Markgräfler Musikverband”.  

09. - 14. 07. 2002 
5th Mid Europe in Schladming, which is one of the most important and biggest music competitions for symphonic youth orchestras. We were elected to participate in this contest. Frieder Stoll named our programm “The true men - Metamorphosis through time and space”. We performed pieces by Florin Silvester, Gustav Holst, Richard Strauss, Thomas Doss, Daniel Bukvich, Ronald Presti und Ralph Philipp Ziegler. The Composer Doss, who was part of the audience, said about VJBO: “That was one of the best interpretations of my work that I’ve ever listened to.” Another composer in the audience was Ziegler. He came on stage and bowed for our orchestra. We reached 1st rank. 

06. 04. 2003 
Concert in Breisach, where we performed once again our program from Schladming. 

28. – 29. 06.2003 
Participation at international contest for wind orchestra on the occasion of 250 year-old musicclub of Endingen. We reached the 2nd rank on highest level.  

25. 01. 2004 
Once again, we performed our Schladming-Program, this time in St. Martin church in Freiburg. 

Concert tour in China: The Beijing Time Arts Management invited us to make a tournee through China. On our 1st day in china, we climbed the Chinese Wall. During the following 14 days, we had 9 concerts in 7 different cities. In Beijing, we visited the emperor’s palace and the square of In Tianjin, we gave a double concert with the local school for young musicians. In the former German colony Quingdao, we marched over a beerfest and played in the “German tent”. The Chinese people rewarded us with standing ovations. After stay in Wuhan, we travelled by train to Yangzhou, the following day to Hangzhou, where we visited the west lake and a temple. In the evening, we were allowed to perform in China’s biggest concert hall. Our last stop was in Shanghai, where we climbed the Jin Mao Tower and drove with the transrapid. This journey surely broadened the horizons of all musicians.  

Participation at youth wind orchestra contest in Bruchsal. With 96,5 points, we reached the 1st rank. 

In order to participate at a contest, we travelled to Munich, where we visited the Bundesgartenschau and Löwenbräu. At the competition, we reached with 86 points a 1st place. 

Open air concert in Merdingen because of Jubilee of music club Merdingen. We performed our entertainment program. 10.06.06 VJBO concert in Eichstetten. 

25.-28. 07. 06 
The VJBO hosted 57 musicians of “Children´s Palace of Beijing”. The wind orchestra visited us after a participation at world music contest in Kerkrade. Apart from the musical meeting, we showed them impressions of our life, country, culture and tradition. On July the 26th, we gave a double concert in Freiburg. The Chinese orchestra performed a varied program with professional solos, Pipa-Lute and mouth organ. We introduced the concert with two pieces, we had already performed in Bruchsal.  

Practice weekend in France 

Concert in Gottenheim because of 125 years old music club Gottenheim. 

27.-08.08.07 Concert tour in Lettland and Litauen.  


20 years of VJBO Therefore, concert on Saturday evening