About us

In December 1988 the federation youth leader of the Kaiserstuhl - Tuniberg Brass Music Federation Frieder Stoll put the long considered thought into action to found the Federation Youth Orchestra (VJBO).

On the first call over 90 young people announced their interest.
After the first rehearsals the core of the orchestra consisted of about 70 musicians. At that time the work with contemporarily oriented music was for many members still very strange and not rarely the own performance level was overrated.
The program conceptions and the still remaining attitude of our conductor was to perform compositions which blow up the framework of the local brass orchestras, as well as winning an audience that is ready to argue with new hearing habits.

So the orchestra and its program was and still is bejond a competition which was feared by the local associations.
Nevertheless also popular songs from movies and musicals find their way into Frieder Stoll`s program conception, especially as this kind of music offers various demanding arrangements.

Looking back we can say that the work was and is successful with this orchestra which is permanently in change. Nobody knows what to expect in the future,but it is obviouis that the readyness to relate to and work with an orchestra for more then five years is decreasing.
Even the required reinforcement of young members is unsatisfying and only possible by personel contacts.

The orchestra consists of musicians of the various local orchestras and works project-related.
In addition to competitions and concerts the VJBO traveled to Switzerland, to France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Canada and America. As the orchestra has not the status of a registered society the young musicians form their own administration, which takes over the leading and organization in cooperation with the conductor.
Arising costs are balanced by the annual subscription of the members, support of the federation, competition funds and sponsors. These limited financing possibilities constitute a large problem and some honorable invitations can not be accepted because of financial reasons.